Deep Clean Your Car Frequently

We offer auto detailing packages in Billings, MT

Quick auto detailing is essential if you need to clean your car frequently. If you drive for a ride-sharing service, you may want to consider an auto detailing package from Get Clean in Billings, MT. Our monthly maintenance package is only $324.99 ($550 value) and includes one full detail of a car, truck or SUV, three quick details and two free emergency quick washes that you can exchange for an interior clean.

Email us today to join our maintenance program.

Providing high-quality, thorough cleaning services

Providing high-quality, thorough cleaning services

When we stop by for quick auto detailing services, you'll have a beautifully clean car in no time. We'll take care of your vehicle by:

Handwashing your car's interior to prevent damage
Bringing our own pressure washer, water tank and trash bags
Using safe cleaning products like Chemical Guys and LA's Totally Awesome

We can detail your car anywhere, dispose of your trash and clean your car quickly. Contact us now for more information on our auto detailing package.